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Nu kan du lytte til din foretrukne online radio på din mobiltelefon gennem den nye politibølgeradio-app Glem ikke at dele det med dine venner og …

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Den bedste musik, du kan lide i din radioapp

Global Search Engine Marketing: Fine-Tuning Your …

Global Search Engine Marketing: Fine-Tuning Your International Search Engine … – Anne F. Kennedy, Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Google Bøger

Global Search Engine Optimization: Fine-Tuning Your International Search Engine Results by Anne F. Kennedy and Kristján Már Hauksson is a SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) recommended read. Use search to reach all your best customers—worldwide! Don’t settle for U.S.-only, English-only search marketing: master global search marketing, and reach all your most profitable customers and prospects—wherever they are! Leading global search experts Anne Kennedy and Kristján Már Hauksson identify all the challenges associated with global search marketing, and offer proven solutions for every key issue, from culture and communication to technology and law. Discover surprising local differences in how people search, craft online marketing campaigns that reflect local cultures, and learn how to profit from tools and social platforms most North American marketers have never even heard of! ANNE F. KENNEDY, founder and managing partner of Beyond Ink, provides search engine marketing to companies worldwide. After providing search engine consulting to hundreds of companies—including Hearst Newspapers, Philips Lifeline, and Dunkin’ Donuts—and launching dotcoms Zillow and Avvo online, she formed an international online marketing consortium with Nordic eMarketing in Reykjavik, London, Stockholm, Rome, and Beijing. Anne was a founding member of the board of directors for, acquired by publishing giant R.R. Donnelly in 2011. KRISTJÁN MÁR HAUKSSON has developed search marketing solutions since 1999. Hauksson’s company, Nordic eMarketing, specializes in multilingual online communications, organic SEO, and search marketing in verticals such as tourism, finance, government, and pharmaceuticals. Kristján founded Iceland’s SEO/SEM forum, is on the board of SEMPO, and organizes the annual Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference. You’ll Learn How To: • Build cost-effective campaigns that leverage commonalities in global search markets • Choose the right search media for each market—including markets Google doesn’t dominate • Achieve higher rankings in search engines around the world • Organize effective global pay-per-click campaigns • Search-optimize online PR and other content • Craft mobile sites and apps for international audiences • Use web analytics to track KPIs in multilingual/multicultural campaigns • Find the best non-U.S. information resources for better search marketing • Prepare for the future of global search INCLUDES SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS FOR: • Brazil • China, Hong Kong, Taiwan • France • Germany • India • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Middle East • North Africa • French-speaking Canada • Russia • Nordic countries • Singapore • South Korea • Spain • Spanish-speaking South America • The Netherlands • United Kingdom

Financial and Economic Tools Used in the World Hospitality …

Financial and Economic Tools Used in the World Hospitality Industry … – Google Bøger

The 2017 Fifth International Conference on Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality (SERVE 2017) was held on 21-22 October 2017 and on 30 November 2017, in Bali, Indonesia and at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia. The theme of the conference was “Financial and Economic Tools Used in the World Hospitality Industry”. Conference contributions dealt with various interdisciplinary research topics, particularly in the fields of social sciences, economics, business, management, education, and finance. Through this conference proceedings volume, we propose to launch a renewed discussion of how financial and economic tools can be used in the world hospitality, service, and tourism industries. The purpose of this volume is to develop new theoretical and empirical knowledge that explores the possibilities of developing tourism, hospitality, service industries in sharing economy. These proceedings should be of interest to academics and professionals in the wider field of social sciences, including disciplines such as education, psychology, tourism and knowledge management.

Advances in Digital Science: ICADS 2021

Advances in Digital Science: ICADS 2021 – Google Bøger

This book gathers selected papers that were submitted to the 2021 International Conference on Advances in Digital Science (ICADS 2021) that aims to make available the discussion and the publication of papers on all aspects of single and multi-disciplinary research on Conference topics ( ICADS 2021 was held on February 19–21, 2021. An important characteristic feature of Conference is the short publication time and world-wide distribution. Written by respected researchers, the book covers a range of innovative topics related to: Advances in Digital Agriculture & Food Technology, Advances in Digital Economics, Advances in Digital Education, Advances in Public Health Care, Hospitals & Rehabilitation, Advances in Digital Social Media, Advances in Digital Technology & Applied Sciences, Advances in E-Information Systems, and Advances in Public Administration.This book is useful for private and professional non-commercial research and classroom use (e.g. sharing the contribution by mail or in hard copy form with research colleagues for their professional non-commercial research and classroom use); for use in presentations or handouts for any level students, researchers, etc.; for the further development of authors’ scientific career (e.g. by citing, and attaching contributions to job or grant application).

Russian Music at Home and Abroad: New Essays

Russian Music at Home and Abroad: New Essays – Richard Taruskin – Google Bøger

This new collection views Russian music through the Greek triad of “the Good, the True, and the Beautiful” to investigate how the idea of “nation” embeds itself in the public discourse about music and other arts with results at times invigorating, at times corrupting. In our divided, post–Cold War, and now post–9/11 world, Russian music, formerly a quiet corner on the margins of musicology, has become a site of noisy contention. Richard Taruskin assesses the political and cultural stakes that attach to it in the era of Pussy Riot and renewed international tensions, before turning to individual cases from the nineteenth century to the present. Much of the volume is devoted to the resolutely cosmopolitan but inveterately Russian Igor Stravinsky, one of the major forces in the music of the twentieth century and subject of particular interest to composers and music theorists all over the world. Taruskin here revisits him for the first time since the 1990s, when everything changed for Russia and its cultural products. Other essays are devoted to the cultural and social policies of the Soviet Union and their effect on the music produced there as those policies swung away from Communist internationalism to traditional Russian nationalism; to the musicians of the Russian postrevolutionary diaspora; and to the tension between the compelling artistic quality of works such as Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps or Prokofieff’s Zdravitsa and the antihumanistic or totalitarian messages they convey. Russian Music at Home and Abroad addresses these concerns in a personal and critical way, characteristically demonstrating Taruskin’s authority and ability to bring living history out of the shadows.

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